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Hot Temper                                        Temper Tantrum x Volcanic Fire

This red headed seven year old, born March 2014, is demonstrating excellent lateral and measured 90 ttt age six.  Had a gorgeous  Formal Attire heifer  "She's on Fire " in 2018  and another heifer  "Hot to Trot " by Trumpter March 8 2020.  Trumpter bull calf 2021. Exposed to Deep State 4/2/21 (92 ttt Dragon Lady x Reckon So.   She  measured 90 ttt  4/2/21.  photo 9/30/21.  Bull calf for sale at weaning.

Texappe​al​                                          ​Tejas Meteorite x Texana Horne Up

Texappeal is a spectacular female we found as a calf. We had every thought she would be special and she is. Born 7/23/13. Dam of Tex Kitten and  outstanding junior herd sire Texaco who is being used on our herd members as well as  the elite Stockton Burton herd.   Exposed to Deep State 4/2/21 ( 92 ttt Dragon Lady x Reckon So ). Texappeal measured 96 ttt on April 2 2021.   photo  7/31/21  

Premier Royal Astra                                 Tejas  Star x  Somethingroyal

This lovely well mannered Tejas Star daughter has been an excellent brood cow since day one. She is a pleasure to own; beautiful to look at and an excellent mother who throws a lot heifers. Trumpter calf at side . Her Dob 10/18/12. Photo  August 2021. 

Enchanted April                                     Tempter x Rosalyns Volcano

This heifer is from a cow that is an excellent producer and super correct, iconic of the breed with a soft twist, balance and style . Born June 17, 2016, April will carry on her mother's legacy in the Sky Ranch herd. Exposed to Deep State 2021.  Full sister to Atomic Blonde.  Photo 9/30/21