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Volcanic Ashley                                        Temper Tantrum x Volcanic Fire

Born May 1 2017 . She is third generation descending from grand dam Rosalyns Volcano , out of her daughter Volcanic Fire shown above. I love this family . This heifer should be special. She is full sister to Hot Temper, a five year old featured on our site. Exposed to Confessor (Reckon So x Dragon Lady) in 2019.

Atomic Blonde                                     Tempter x Rosalyns  Volcamo

Born March 26, 2018, this is one of the best heifers I have bred. Her dam is one of my best producers. Her sire Tempter has sired some of the biggest horn females in the breed ; he is big, gentle and his offspring have had great depth and frame . Photo  9/20/20. Full sister to Enchanted April. 

She's on Fire                                     Formal Attire x Hot Temper

We are thrilled to welcome Hot Temper's first heifer who is by Formal Attire. This fabulous female comes from our best and most productive 4 generation cow family with all members in the Sky Ranch Texas Longhorn herd . Her grand dam is the over 95 ttt Horseshoe J Example. This female is very pretty and we love our redheads. She's a special heifer. Born October 19, 2018. Photo August 16, 2019 at ten months.

Tex Kitten                                     Tempter x Texappeal

Texappeal's first heifer calf by Tempter. This mating we hope will be magic. If this young lady turns out like her dam we will be thrilled. She has the Tempter depth and frame. Born June 1, 2019 we are thrilled for her arrival.