HL Chelsea Ann

03/13/20 dob. What can you say about this two year old heifer who wont be three until March 2023. We are in awe of her early horn development and full figure. We are excited about this gal. She has a great future.  

Elite Foundation Females Partnership


​CV Cowboy Casanova​ x 3/3 El Dream Girl

Peach Puddin

10/30/20 dob . This 50/50 grand daughter  just turned two in October 2022. She is smooth as silk and demonstrating lovely lateral horn. This partnership female was selected on the basis of her quality, color, smooth trim conformation and excellent lateral horn. 

Elite Foundation Females Partnership

   HH Never Forget  x   Pip Pip Shooting Star

Lovin Forget

6/18/21 dob this yearling has all the qualities and assets of a futurity female. Color , quality, fabulous horn set demonstrates all the qualities  our partnership values in a female. Elite Foundation Females Partnership 


                           HH Never Forget  x  Lovin Too Much